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Angry Face - 12" Inline Perc Bong - Tattoo Glass

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  • Unique bong featuring a head in the chamber.

  • Detailed design showing eyes, nose, lips, ear and even a beard. 

  • Has the ability to be the centrepiece of any collection. 

  • Recycler arms for cleaner and tastier hits. 

  • Includes a 14mm dry bowl. 

  • The flat base allows this bong to stand on any surface. 

  • High-quality glass confers durability. 

  • Has the popular Lookah logo. Logo color may vary.



Make your angry smoking buddy smile by maximizing your enjoyment with quality hits. The first thing you notice about this bong is the head in the main chamber. And the detailed design of the head is evident of the high-quality craftsmanship Lookah used to produce this bong. You'll see eyes, well defined nose, ears, lips, hair and a beard! But the creased brows of this head suggests it's angry at something. And the only way you can make your new smoking buddy happy is to take as many hits as you can to maximize your enjoyment. Overall, the Angry Face is an iconic bong that deserves a place in your collection. The two recycler arms ensure you get clean, cool and tasty hits. The flat base allows this bong to stand on any surface and the high-quality glass borosilicate glass confers durability.

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