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Sawblade - Convex Cap Dual Four-Part Grinder - 62mm - Purple

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  • Tears through your herbs and reduce them to your desired consistency.

  • Sharp aluminum teeth for fast and effortless grinding. 

  • Four-piece grinder consisting of three chambers - grinding chamber, storage chamber, and a pollen catcher.

  • The lid and pollen scraper help to minimize wastage. 

  • Compact and sleek design makes storage and transportation easy. 

  • Cleaning this grinder is super easy.

  • Available in purple color.

  • High-quality materials confer durability.



Enjoy seamless grinding of your herbs with this grinder. The Sawblade lives up to its name as it effortlessly cuts through your dry herb and reduces them to the perfect consistency for smoking. The first compartment of this grinder features the sharp metal teeth that actually do the grinding. The fine, fluffy product is then collected in the storage chamber. There's a screen after the second chamber that sifts out the bad chunks and preserves the extra-potent pollen. The pollen can then be collected from the pollen catcher. And the pollen scraper helps you collect the very last of your herbs, ensuring wastage is minimized. The lid of your grinder remains firmly in place during grinding and helps prevent wastage. The compact and sleek design of the Sawblade makes storage and transportation easy. Cleaning this grinder is super easy and the high-quality materials confer durability. 

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