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8" Single Hammer to Barrel Perc Funnel Recycler



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  • Single Hammer Recycler

  • Hidden small barrel perc

  • Thick Borosilicate Glass, Funnel recycler 



This beautifully hand crafted pipe made of the finest borosilicate glass. This pipe has a bent neck making it comfortable to smoke. This one of a kind pipe feathers a large barrel perc with a small slotted barrel perc hidden inside. The small slotted barrel creates many bubbles which not only look wickedly cool but produce a smooth smoke. From the barrel perc the water travels to the funnel and spins over and over again within the recycler. This super cool barrel recycler is a hot seller, so get it while you can! Dry herb bowl included, 3" base diameter, 3.5"diameter water chamber. Water pipe’s 14 mm male joint comes with 14 mm female dry bowl.

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  1. Dope!

    By Myrr October 17, 2017

    I really love this piece!! It hits really smoothly, and it's super stylish. I would definitely recommend buying it, you can smoke dry herbs and dabs out of it. Also the price is super low for what it is.

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