Antman Inspired Bubbler - 8" Wigwag Hammer Sherlock Bubbler

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  • Looks like one of the Antman's mechanical ant buddies. 

  • Mind-blowing design makes this pipe a must have in any collection. 

  • Features an eye-catching seaweed globe on the handle.

  • Colorful wig wag pattern on the bowl amps the aesthetics of this pipe. 

  • Bulging eyes and horns adorn this pipe. 

  • Hybrid of a hand pipe and water pipe to produce a versatile product with superb functionality.

  • This item screams top-notch craftsmanship. 

  • Very portable and easy to transport. 

  • High-quality borosilicate glass confers durability.



Impress your buddies during a smoking sesh with your own mechanical ant sidekick. Check the pictures above and tell us you aren't pleased with what you see. You can't, because this bubbler is one of a kind. The design is just wickedly cool and mind-blowing. The large bulgy eyes and pointy tentacles on the bowl are extremely pleasing. The handle also features tentacles and the icing on the cake is the seaweed globe. The seaweed globe is made completely of glass! And that alone shows the level of craftsmanship and skill required to produce this bubbler. The bowl also has a cool colorful wig wag pattern. This bubbler has the potential to be the centrepiece of any collection. The functionality of this bubbler is superb as it allows you to enjoy the top-notch filtration of a water pipe on a portable device. It's very portable and easy to transport. Color and Style may slightly vary. High quality borosilicate glass confers durability.

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