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8" Percolator Glass Bong - 420 Rasta Logo



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  • Gorgeous Blue Color. Shiny water bong percolator will please your eyes.

  • Especially with a gorgeous rasta colored Design with a blue base really makes this one stand out.

  • 19mm joint size with 19mm downstem with diffuser and 14mm dry herb bowl. 

  • Round bottom bong. Ice catcher notches. Includes 19mm glass on glass down stem.



Let this gorgeous 420 Perc take you on a ride. Gorgeous rasta colored Design with a blue base really makes this one stand out. Ice catcher notches. 19mm joint size with 14mm dry bowl. 8" high. Single Dome perc. Round bottom bong. Ice catcher notches. Includes glass on glass down stem.

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  1. A steal for $30!

    By Shaggy June 28, 2018

    Bought this right when my bong I paid for at a local shop broke a few days ago, I paid 80 and it wasn’t the best choice. It was big, all black glass, so I couldn’t even tell how to clean it. This guy is just the right size! Think of a little bigger iPhone plus. It’s colorful, it’s clean it hits smooth, and I got a acrylic grinder w a metal cig just as an added bonus so that makes it great! I would still buy this for $70 if I had it, but $30 is a complete steal :). I also ordered it on a Sunday evening and it came in on a Thursday afternoon which is amazing for free shipping!

  2. LOVE IT!

    By Nette April 12, 2018

    I just got this today and could be happier! Fast shipping! I ordered on Sunday and got it on Thursday. I will order from this site again!

  3. Dope piece!

    By Fogger420 January 22, 2018

    Pretty dope bong! I really dig the 420 and the blue. The paint hasn’t come off or faded at all so far.
    I’ve had this piece for 2 months and I’ve used the hell out of it (almost everyday). It hits pretty smooth with cold water and ice. Not the best but a great first bong. It’s fairly easy to clean but it does get dirty really quick. You’ll probably want to clean it after 2 uses. Super fast shipping too.
    I’m definitely gonna order again from Smokeday
    Overall pretty kickass little bong

  4. cool smooth hit every time!!

    By philaholic77 December 23, 2016

    This Colbalt blue and clear bong is a beautiful designed percolator bong ( 8" ). it sports a nice wide mouth piece and big bowl. WHEN YOU hIT THIS YOU FEEL NO NEED TO COUGH!! Honestly smoothest bong I ever hit, (40 year experience). In fact when you are hitting this you need not remove the bowl like a carb. The perculated smoke effortlessly is inhalable and is for MAXIMUM effect. The ice catcher is a nice feature but not necessary for a smooth hit. Great product and reliable company! FAST SHIPPING!! 3 DYS and my wife had her ( our) new piece. I would recommend this to a good friend. thank you. Phillip.

  5. Love it!

    By Paulo August 05, 2016

    I freaking loved this bong! Ordered it and came in about 3 days later, very good shipping! I only had it for about 4 days though. All my friends loved it! Smoke day is probably the best site for good deals and great smoking accessories !

  6. Awesome!

    By Leo August 02, 2016

    Its an awesome bong . Looks exactly like the picture ! Its about the same size as an average water bottle. The glass is not super thick ! But its still nice. The slide is good too . Over all awesome mini bong ! I will definetly buy more things from this site !

    Thanksss! :)

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