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4" Lizard Glass Spoon Hand pipe - Sun Down



In stock

  • Dusty orange color

  • Inner swirly design

  • Spotted Salamander 



Dessert Sand Spotted Salamander Hand Pipe. If you are looking to travel to a faraway land this is the hand pipe for you. It is a beautiful dusty orange sand color gives you sundown effect in dessert with crawling lizard on your hand. Super sick swirly design on the handle with lizard gives a reason to live in dessert with survivors. Sitting right on top is a cute little black and white spotted lizard that is as cool as a cucumber.

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  1. Lizard Glass Hand Pipe

    By MrMojoRisiin January 14, 2017

    This is my first time im buying a glass pipe from this website and im very happy with my purchase my pipe looks beautiful i pick this because i live in Arizona so see alot of lizards here perfect smoke pipe for me :) Shipping was fast too come in perfect condition Thank you again i give SmokeDay 5 out of 5 stars. Definitely gonna start buying my pipes and bongs from this website for now on :) Awesome business guys thank you and Happy Smoking!

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