Chillum Pipes

3" Fumed Glass Chillum - Golden Fumed



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  • 3 Inches long. Golden Tipped. 

  • Fumed color changer.

  • Double Blown.



This chillum is very unique. Small and discreet. Resembles a cigarette hitter in shape; however this is made of thick glass. No more nasty metal taste from cheap metal pipes. Why settle for metal when you can get glass at a lower price. Golden Tipped for an elegant look and feel. Color changing fumed stem. All for a very, very low price. Our shipping is also known to be the cheapest compared to any other online store! Don't believe us? Add to cart and estimate shipping! Most sites don’t even let you estimate because they know their prices are high.

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  1. Wow it hits hard

    By Daniel May 08, 2018

    The bowl might not be a "one hitter" but honestly that's all it takes. Very good for getting mad high. Preferably you'd have someone else light it up for you but one person can manage. It's a pretty gold pipe that you see show its color immediately after smoking. surprisingly larger in the hand but portable and discreet. You'll need a screen so you don't catch scooby snacks but other than that, no problem. Definitely a good 7 dollar investment!

  2. It fell apart

    By Kminiak April 02, 2018

    It has a nice deep well and is a super smooth hitter at least from what i experienced in the little time

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