2. Smoky Octopus - 8” Sherlock Hammer Bubbler

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  • Detailed octopus design (tentacles, googly eyes) makes this pipe aesthetically pleasing!

  • A look at this pipe and you can see the brilliant creativity of the artist. 

  • Made from the best craftsmanship and will make an excellent addition to your collection. 

  • Hybrid of a hand pipe and water pipe to produce a versatile product with superb functionality. 

  • Very portable and easy to transport. 

  • High-quality materials confer durability.



Show your love for art and smoking with the Smoky Octopus. This bubbler is every smoker's dream - superb functionality blended with top-notch aesthetics. The Smoky Octopus features a detailed octopus design on the bowl. You have the Octopus' googly eyes and the tentacles are adorned with eye catching green beads. The design of the handle is very cool and allows you to comfortably hold the Smoky Octopus without slipping. This bubbler is the result of the best craftsmanship. Imagine the technical and specialized skill needed to produce this bubbler. This bubbler has the ability to be the centrepiece of any collection. However, the Smoky Octopus isn't all about aesthetics. It's essentially the hybrid of a water pipe and hand pipe. You get to enjoy the top-notch filtration of a water pipe in a portable device. It's very versatile and good for smoking on the go. It's very portable and easy to transport. High-quality glass confers durability.

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