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15” Matrix Perc to Button Perc to Ice Catcher

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  • Matric Perc

  • Shield Perc

  • Ice Catcher

  • Thick Glass

  • Dry Herb Bowl 



This cool looking pipe features one of the most popular designs known as the matrix. The matrix is essentially several tick-tack-toe boards connected to create a sick pattern. The matrix is not only super sick but also creates many tiny slots for the smoke to pass and cool down. Cooled smoke is much more enjoyable. Made of the finest, high quality, heavy duty borosilicate glass this pipe measures 5 mm in glass thickness. This pipe will definitely standout in any collection due to its beautiful craftsmanship. From the Matric perc it goes to a beautifully designed Shield Perc found an 8 cluster pattern, these Shields have slits where the smoke passes and get cooled down even farther. Last but not least you’ll find an ice cater on the neck of this pipe, which like the name entails catches ice for a cooler smoke. Dry herb bowl include 5” base diameter, 2" diameter water chamber. Water pipe 19 mm female joint comes with 19 mm male dry herb bowl.

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