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16” Inline Slotted Perc to Rocket Perc to Button Perc

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  • Inline Slotted Perc

  • Rocket Perc

  • Shield Perc

  • Thick Glass

  • White accent 



This one of a kind water pipe is beyond wicked cool and is one you want to get your hands on fast! The inline slotted or notched tube is essentially a tube with many tiny slits to diffuse the smoke. This type of super diffusion forces the smoke to be super cooled and smooth when you smoke it. Now times that by several slits for the ultimate smoke! From there this pipe has 4 shooting rocket perc which are seriously super sick and make this pipe stand out. Each of the rockets have slots which cool and smooth the smoke down even more. To top it all off there is a 4 cluster Shield perc followed by a nice slim long neck. Its thick base gives this pipe a heavy duty look. It made of the finest, high quality, heavy duty borosilicate glass this pipe and measures 5 mm in glass thickness. This pipe will definitely standout in any collection due to its beautiful craftsmanship. This beautiful pipe has really nice clear, clean glass white accents. Dry herb bowl include 3.5” base diameter, 1.75" diameter water chamber. Water pipe 19 mm female joint comes with 19 mm male dry herb bowl.

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