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16" Extra Heavy Triple Honeycomb Perc Bong Water Pipe With Matching Bowl

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  • Extra powerful Triple honeycomb for cool, filtered smoke.

  • Blown with premium 5mm thick high-quality glass.

  • Tall, sturdy design and color for a standout and unique look.

  • Comes with disk style ice catcher.

  • The female joint size of this pipe is 14mm.

  • Also includes a matching 14mm dry herb bowl.



16" tall, and stretching piece has a powerful presence blown precisely to provide a strong filtering system for a refreshing, enjoyable smoke session. Not only is this pipe blown with premium, 5mm thick high-quality glass, but it has a double honeycomb to turbine percolator combination that will dramatically cool and smooth out the smoke before it hits your lungs.

Don’t be intimidated by the sheer size and height of this towering piece. In fact, the entire design is there to provide you with an easy, cool, and refreshing smoking experience. This sturdy piece has three honeycomb percolators to break down, thin out, and cool down the smoke. As if that wasn’t enough, there is also a strong ice-catcher blown into the neck so you’ll have the option to further cool down your smoke even more. The idea here is to give you a chill, cool, and easy smoking experience. This is a standout piece that comes in a eye catching color that brings it all together. 14MM female joint comes with matching 14MM male bowl. Wide base makes it stand out firm. 

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