Water Pipes

15” Inline Circ Perc to Sprocket Perc - Extra Thick And Heavy !!!

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  • 3 Incline slotted Circ Percs

  • 5 Sprocket Percs makes lot of spinning water vapors

  • Thick lip, 5 mm thick bong

  • Wide Base 



This beautifully hand-crafted water pipe has several unique features which have come together to offer an exquisitely smooth smoking experience. This pipe starts with smoke passing through the inline slotted Circ Perc which has not 1 but 3 Circ Percs! From there it makes its way to the 5 gear Sprocket Perc which looks super sick.Pipe comes with a unique pancake handle dry herb bowl which makes the pipe look super sick 4.5" base diameter, 2.5" diameter water chamber. Water pipe’s 19 mm female joint comes with a 19 mm female dry herb bowl. Final Clearance Price, No Refunds, No Exchanges, No Complaint Item.

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