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14" Triple Honeycomb Water Pipe - Black



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  • Ice catcher.

  • 3 Honeycomb percs.

  • Thick glass at 5mm thickness.

  • Thick lip and base.

  • Beautiful and high quality black glass.

  • The joint size of the water pipe is 19mm and includes a 19mm color matching bowl.



This beautifully hand crafted water pipe is made of the finest, high quality borosilicate glass. With several distinctive features this water pipe is definitely one of a kind. It features a triple honeycomb perc which besides cooling smoke off, looks wicked sick when you smoke through them, as they create a storm of tiny bubbles. Since this has three that means many more bubbles! To top it all off, it even has an ice catcher which catches the ice to cool it down even further for a wonderful smoking experience. Pipe comes with dry herb bowl, 4.5" base diameter, 2" diameter water chamber. Water pipe's 19 mm female joint comes with 19 mm female dry herb bowl.

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  1. amazing bong

    By jas December 10, 2019

    extremely speedy delivery, very good quality piece. just got mine today and i’m absolutely in love with it. it hits so smoothly, one of my favorite pieces i own now!

  2. My all time favorite piece in exsistance

    By Emilie Way June 01, 2018

    My fiance bought this for me roughly a year ago and it's still in perfect condition! I have a love/hate relationship with glass; Im prone to getting more pieces than i need, and prone to breaking them quickly hah. I have accidently banged it against tables, dropped it down stairs and almost anything that would make you physically cringe. Even through a years worth of use there is not a single mark or problem with her! Taking a look at my current and "retired" collection of pieces with different shapes, sizes, and percolators this has ALWAYS been my go too. It is a comfort piece at this point, you can always rely on this durable glass, with its amaziinngg hit and ability to make any sesh more enjoyable.

    *This is also really good party piece, because you don't have to worry about it dropping and everyone will love it!*

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