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14" Coil Bong With Beaker Bottom Water Pipe - Marble Accents - Blue



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Beautifully designed water pipe has a long coil inside to super-cool the smoke! 

  • Extra long coil to super cool smoke. Bulb percolator for additional cooling. 

  • Ice catcher notches.

  • Thick Lip for an enhanced look and feel.

  • Glass bead accents for gorgeous look.



It takes a great amount of workmanship to produce a water smoking pipe with a coil tube. The coil tube acts to cool the smoke out for a smoother smoke. The smoke is forced to go through a long pathway and travel a long distance via the coil. The pipe finishes off with a bulb perc for enhanced cooling. This pipe comes with ice catcher notches and glass beaded accents. The joint size of the water pipe is 19mm and includes a 19mm to 14mm slotted downstem. It also includes a 14mm color matching bowl. Diameter of water chamber is 4.25 inches. Diameter of the mouth end is 2 inches.

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4 customer reviews

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  1. All in one bong

    By Jon420 March 10, 2020

    This bong has everything I wanted all in one. Hits really smooth even without ice. Couldn’t stop taking hits, it just hits so nice.and for this price, you can’t beat it. Fast delivery and was well packaged. Will recommend to whoever wants a all in one smooth hitting bong, you won’t regret it.

  2. Fucking amazing

    By Dee May 13, 2019

    Listen listen. Honestly never review shit, this is my first review on any site. But as a good samaritan felt literally obligated to leave one. I have purchased 6 bongs from smokeday (hey judge yourself) and have been amazed each and everytime with the quality,shipment, and overall experience. I live in Texas so bongs here are literally 200$ for a little bubbler. The selection is honestly overwhelming in a good way it's how I ended with 6 bongs now. I'm more curious on how they are turning a profit. Literally every order is priority shipped I get within 1-3 days. Packaging is top notch and box is discreet, glass is thick and really good craftsmanship for the price. I'm a forever customer and encourage more to be the same..

  3. Very nice, but.

    By Drake H April 10, 2018

    It is a very nice water pipe, thick and heavy and hard hitting, the only draw back is how hard you need to pull to clear it, but that could be my lungs, who knows! Either way, good pipe!

  4. one of the best bongs I've got.

    By Derrick July 30, 2017

    For the price and the quality. It's a really good bong. I already gave away my old one. Hits smooth especially with the ice and the glass is nice and thick. Glad I got it. Thanks!!!

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