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12" Circ Perc Incycler With Dry Herb Bowl and Oil Dome - Green

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  • Circ perc

  • Incycler Recycler

  • Bent neck

  • Thick wide base

  • Thick lip

  • Funnel chamber

  • Oil dome and nail 

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Are you ready to have a great time? This pipe has so much to offer and has a wickedly cool look. This pipe has both a wide base and lip made of the finest, high- quality, heavy duty borosilicate glass. The circ perc has 9 small slots which cools down the smoke making it much smoother. From there you can watch the water tornado into a built in funnel. You can watch this happen over and over again as the water recycles. Oil dome and nail included. Pipe comes with an oil dome and nail, 3.5” base diameter with a 2" diameter water chamber. Water pipe’s 14 mm male joint comes with 14 mm female oil dome.

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