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10" Slotted Circ Perc to Tornado Chamber Recycler

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  • Slotted Circ Perc

  • Tornado Chamber

  • Bent neck

  • Beautiful blue accent on base

  • Thick glass 



This beautifully handcrafted item is the newest generation of glass water pipes. You will literally see the water recycle back to the original water chamber. Besides looking super cool, this also acts as a splash guard as the water is forced to go down and back into the main water chamber. Save the earth and start recycling please. It has a slotted circ perc has slotted or notched tube which are essentially tubes with many tiny slits to diffuse the smoke. This type of super diffusion forces the smoke to be super cooled and smooth when you smoke it. Now times that by about several slits for the ultimate smoke! This water pipe is designed to give you an exquisitely smooth smoking experience. This pipe starts with smoke passing through Circ perc to the tornado chamber where you can literally see the water spin like a real life tornado. The super cool thing about this pipe is that the base comes in a nice blue color. Its bent neck makes for an enjoyable and comfortable smoke. Made of high quality borosilicate glass. Dry herb bowl included, 3.75" base diameter, 1.5" diameter water chamber. Water pipe’s 19 mm male joint comes with 19 mm female dry bowl.

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