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10.5" Twisted 24KT Gold Color Changing Bong - Beaker Bottom Bong



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  • Fantastically simple yet high quality water pipe.

  • Beautiful high end color changing bong with 24kt gold fuming.

  • Twist in the middle for extra grip and nice aesthetics.

  • Ice Catcher.

  • The joint size of the water pipe is 19mm.

  • Includes a 19mm to 14mm slotted down stem.

  • It also includes a 14mm matching bowl.



Check out this 24KT gold color changing bong. The beaker bottom shape is a classic and feels great in the hand. Watch this piece evolve over time after every sesh as it changes colors and amazes you. Wash it and watch it change color all over again. Keep it cool with an ice catcher - even huge hits are less irritating on the lungs when the smoke is cooled by ice. The bell shaped designed and straight neck make this piece look exactly how a bong is supposed to look. A thick mouthpiece keeps your lips comfortable as you hit it. At 10.5”, with a 4.5” chamber, this bong can create large hits if you want them. The joint size of the water pipe is 19mm and includes a 19mm to 14mm slotted downstem. It also includes a 14mm matching bowl. Any smoker would be proud to have this piece in their collection, get yours today.

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  1. Holy [email protected]

    By Logiebear February 13, 2019

    Sorry for my language but the pics don't do this justice. Anyone looking at this and may be tempted to purchase it I'm here to tell you do it this thing is an amazing beaker and that twist in the middle is like a splash gaurd slash air funnel it hits like a dream fave piece I bought for my wife for vday

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