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Ceramic Designer Dugout One Hitter Box - Che Guevara

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4 inches long. Double sided design of a Che Guevara. Includes one hitter. Premium quality ceramic dugout box.

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Designer dugout box includes one hitter. Dugout box is considered high quality due to it's high polish finish, 3d texture and details. (see pictures to see its 3d texture). It is not just a picture painted onto a flat surfaced box. It is actually layered and textured and you can feel and see the quality of this box. The box itself is made of ceramic on the inside and a poly resin on the outside to achieve the layered pop out details on this one hitter box. Hitter box is double sided with 2 related portraits. Each side is unique and highly detailed, yet they are related to make one awesome hitter box. This one in particular has Che Guevara on a red background and the flipside also has Mr. Guevara with a Cuban flag background.

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