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9” Black Marble Jet Perc

9” Black Marble Jet Perc

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  • Hollow Black Marble

  • Jet perc

  • Bent neck

  • Thick, wide base

  • Oil dome and nail

  • Matching accent design oil dome 



This beautifully handcrafted water pipe is made of the finest, high quality, heavy duty borosilicate glass and has a wide base making it extremely stable. Pipe features a hollow black marble in the center of the pipe directly above the jet perc. A jet perc has several tiny holes that create a massive amount of bubbles which smooth out the smoke and gives the smoker an out of this world experience. Color may vary. Oil dome and nail include. 3.75" base diameter, 2" diameter water chamber. Water pipe 14 mm male joint comes with 14 mm female oil dome and nail.

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