5" Swirled Glass Bubbler

5" Swirled Glass Bubbler



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5" inches Tall. Sherlock style Bubbler. Colors and size may slightly vary.



  • 5" inches tall, this hand made American pipe is beauty.
  • Tilted Neck at around 45-90 degrees really makes this pipe distinct.
  • Each piece is hand made and colors and sizes may slightly vary.

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11 customer reviews

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  1. Small and powerful

    By TheRipper December 05, 2014

    Smaller than i thought, and like others said before, not quite whats shown. I still love it though! Small enough to stow away ,out of sight. So adorable!

  2. Not bad

    By Ethanreams420 May 17, 2014

    Perfect bubbler for conserving your stash because the bowl is small, but it's easy to lose some eyebrows when hitting this but it's still on overall great peice and I would definitely recomend smoke day.com for any stormer in the market for a bowl, bong, bubbler or any other smoking accessories.

  3. cutest little bubbler around!

    By stayin_stoney March 29, 2014

    I just got my piece delivered yesterday. It took exactly one week for the product to get here, and I am completely satisfied. As others are saying, yes, the piece may be little, but what did you expect when you saw it was 4 inches? haha It may be tiny, but it's hits are definitely not.

  4. Great product

    By Knife March 23, 2014

    Very happy with what I got

  5. Great

    By Hugsandrugs January 23, 2014

    I love it it was smaller than i imaged but still great for the price

  6. Hella nice

    By Yamile January 22, 2014

    Was a lot smaller than I expected but still amazing! Great quality too. Only $15? Great deal tbh

  7. Great

    By Lizzie January 19, 2014

    It's really great and small. easy to put in a bag. but getting water into it is hard and getting the water out after you smoke is hard too. but its a great little piece. I love it!

  8. Solid

    By Glass collector 16 November 05, 2013

    Well slightly smaller than I expected .. And not exactly the bubbler shown in the picture but still a very nice deal. Won't find anything nicer for this price no matter where u go. Smokeday.com smokes the competition once again way to go guys you always keep me comming back

  9. Solid

    By Cole November 05, 2013

    Little different than in the picture and perhaps a little smaller. But you still can't beat this deal overall great addition to my collection

  10. Great little bubbler

    By WA.toker September 23, 2013

    This bubbler is really great. It's small and compact but it still rips really nicely. The glass is thick and is made with quality and looks beautiful. I don't think there's another bubbler for a better price. Also the website is great, my only suggestion is they should ship the products in a box and not envelope. The free grinder I got was broken because of that but the bubbler was packed in very well

  11. So Stoked!

    By skaterfreek12 September 20, 2013

    I literally just open the package up and i love all the pieces i ordered. They are really good quality at an affordable price. I ordered this glass bubbler, the 3" cork screw chillum, 4'' twisted serpent, 6'' Bob Marley bong, and the 4 piece aluminum grinder(not to mention the FREE stuff that came included!) and i could not be any happier. I give this company 5 stars and you will definitely be seeing and order from me again :)

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