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3.5" Swirled Color Changing Spoon



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Looks plain in the picture, but after smoking you will see how the color changes! Best of all it will keep a swirl pattern.



This pipe is rather unique. It is fumed, which means it will change colors the more you smoke it. Everyday you use it, it will change. Now, most pipes that are fumed will change the entire pipe to one uniform color. This pipe will also change colors, however it will be in a swirl pattern. Keep in mind, the pipe in the picture is before color changing and may look boring, but after you use it it will completely change! More info:

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  1. Perfect

    By Melissa September 29, 2017

    I'm a little disappointed, there are a few flaws in the color but I personal rather smoke from a small pipe, and this one is perfect!! I have used it once and colors are already coming to life!! It's not to small and not to big!! Love this site and I will recommend it to many others!

  2. this is a tiny pipe

    By Kala August 30, 2017

    This pipe is exactly the size it states but for some reason i expected it to be larger. The bowl is little bitty. It is indeed a good travel pipe. I have not used it yet so i am unsure of the color it will change but it looks cool. Good pipe for the 10$, very sturdy glass.

  3. super clean glass pipe

    By 2joint August 15, 2017

    Fun to watch the colors change after each burn. Been using this type of pipe for many years. When it gets too hot, it reminds you to put down the pipe People!! Aloha.

  4. Great Pipe!

    By PKsh May 02, 2017

    Great quality! Easy to use and it's just the right size for a few hits. The color changed immediately after using it. I recommend this pipe, it's a great buy!

  5. Great Product

    By Mac August 04, 2016

    the bowl is kind of small but it smokes well and is easy to carry to the homies crib real cheap although 8 dollars for shipping but consider your 8 dollars shipping speedy shipping cause my pipe shipped on mon and i got it on thurs the colors arent as vibrant think of it like a light ghosty blue which i think is badass buy this for trappin

  6. Great price for a sweet pipe !!

    By Allie July 31, 2016

    It was smaller than I had expected, but it's made of thick glass and it's definitely changed colors since I got it yesterday. super cute and easy to take places because of the size :)

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